How to use label inheritance in AgensGraph?

#AgensGraph supports label inheritance for graph modeling. You can make #data-fabric using hierarchy label modeling when importing from one and more datasource. If you want to disinquish instances which parent label is of, use #labels() (embedded function) in AgensGraph.

How to use Java High Level Rest Client with Spring Boot to talk to Elasticsearch 6.x

Original DocumentHow to use Java High Level Rest Client with Spring Boot to talk to AWS Elasticsearch Original Sourcespring-boot-java-highlevel-rest-client-elasticsearch I rewrites source and test about ES 6.5. And I added some lines about checking index existence, creating index and list all indices. You can replace mapping setting to json file.


spring shell sample (REPL)

We are using Spring shell, and it worked really well for us. Some of its features: A simple, annotation driven, programming model to contribute custom commands Use of Spring’s classpath scanning functionality asthe basis for acommand plugin strategy and command develoment Inheritance of the Roo Shell features, most notably tab completion, colorization, and script execution. Customization ...

How to install sqlg on Tinkerpop

How to install zombodb on CentOS 6

ZomboDB [github] Prerequisites Postgres 10.x installed libcurl >= 7.28.0 installed <== important A 64bit Intel Architecture Install PG-10 Download libcurl source (current version 7.64.0) ** NOTE:You cannot install libcurl by binary version on CentOS 6.x. I had tried. Install libcurl by source start elasticsearch servicecreate extension zombodb; Test zombodb ** Reply From zombodb [twitter] Getting ...

AgensGraph: graph sampling with random selection

In the previous post, we did make ag_labels() function by #plpgsql. In this time, we will make ag_sample() function that do sampling graph-data by limit N on an edge basis. Also this function has the optional parameter of whether using random-selection. PL/pgSQL is a loadable procedural language for the PostgreSQL database system. [ref] It adds ...

How to make ag_labels() function in AgensGraph

AgensGraph is a Graph DB of Labeled Property Graph model. It has label data for presenting vertices, edges. If you want to see labels list, you should type ‘\dGl’ on AgensGraph console. (article quick-guide-2-1) Meta Command \dG[+] [PATTERN] list graphs \dGe[+] [PATTERN] list graph edge labels \dGl[+] [PATTERN] list graph labels \dGv[+] [PATTERN] list graph ...

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