AgensBrowser – functions list

#AgensBrowser is a #graph_visualization tool and #GDB_client for #AgensGraph. AgensBrowser have many graph search-methods like ‘find title’, ‘find shortestpath’, ‘find cyclepath’, so on. These are not provided by AgensGraph, but are embed in AgensBrowser by Tinkerpop, cytoscape.js. What you did work by graph-analysis tools, as a graph-project you can save and load for re-use. Or you can export graphson files. Besides these, we have bigger plans of extending Graph algorithms and doing our efforts. 

In Jan 2019 (Maybe I guess), #Agens_Browser v2 is comming. That product will be providing for enterprise users of AgensGraph. If you want more information, look forward to new product news on bitnine homepage.

AgensBrowser v2 – funcitons list

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