AgensBrowser – Schema-graph

#SchemaGraph let us know How are conntected elements of a whole #DataGraph. This capture is the schema-graph about Northwind data. #AgensBrowser provide schema-graph on main page and let us edit schema like creating label, editing label, deleting label. Nodes, edges of schema-graph describe  labels with diameter of nodes, width of lines. (The lager size, The lager count) Schema-graph helps ...

What does “path” in cypher query?

You can query node, edge, path by #Cypher to #GDB like #AgensGraph. #Path is a component of graph and is composed with nodes and edge. Path means set of relation like #join of #RDB. When a few of paths come together, those make a graph. But no-connected paths are not graph, just tree. A graph can have a circulation of relation ...

How to display graph on AgensBrowser?

In general, you can query by #Cypher to #AgensGraph, by statements like match, create, merge. Thoses return any vertex, edge or path and can be displayed as Graph. #AgensBrowser is able to #accumulate return values, so make graph richer with more vertices and edges. This function give you insight by #assembling what you want to watch.

AgensBrowser – Label Styling

#AgensBrowser is the graph visualization client for #AgensGraph. #GraphVisualization needs to Graph Topology (layout), Node/Edge Style, Labeling(Title), Connected Component, so on.. Specialy Node/Edge Style help you identiy elements of graph. Styles are composed by Visiblity, Size(node-radius or edge-width), Title(one value among own properties), Image(icon), Color. Styles are dressed on elements by same label.

Data-graph and Business-relation graph

Graph Data is easily understandable. But, you cannot convert directly raw data to data-graph. After description process by labeling, you can see data-graph. And this is not the end. For get business-sense from data-graph, you have to convert data-graph to business-relation-graph one more time. Fourtunatly, Graph Database is easy to make and query relations. #AgensGraph ...

Rxjs 6: 소스 스트림을 멀티 스트림으로 분기시키기

from()의 스트림 데이터는 http.get()의 Observable 로 대체 할 수 있음 용도별로 3개의 스트림을 만들고, concat 으로 순서가 보장된 처리 수행 유틸성으로 ready$ 함수 스트림을 넣어서 작업전 준비단계를 수행


Oracle Import by Python XML 예제

파이썬으로 Oracle 데이터베이스 접속해서 XML 파싱 데이터 import 하기 ** 참고문서 parser.ParseFile(open(‘sample.xml’, ‘rb’)) _

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